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We have a full showcase of modern, in style jewelry in silver and gold. All refurbished to be like new! We also carry estate and vintage jewelry! Huge diamond bridal selection! Watches as well! The advantage of pre-owned is that you get a much larger style assortment; not to mention a much better price! 

We always have a good selection of Coins as well, Gold and Silver!

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P60-63989-114k GoldN/ADIAMOND RING 10.3g Diamond ring$1200
P60-63940-1.999 SilverN/ASILVER BAR 64.6g Silver coin and bar$41
P60-63822-1GarminINSTINCTWRIST WATCH 1g Garmin instinct wrist watch with charge in box$139
P60-63819-1GarminVIVOMOVE HRWRIST WATCH 1g Garmin vivomove hr in box with charger$69
P60-63400-110k ring 4.8g 10k ring one big stone and little stonmes$0.01
P60-63362-101diamond cocktail ring$229
P60-63341-1GOLD BAND 4.7g 14k gold band with diamonds$399
P60-62371-1PLATINUMN/Aplatinum 2.7g Womens platnum wedding ring with diamond$999
P60-61797-1DIAMOND RING 2.8g 10k diamond ring ~.10$229
P60-61601-10110k white gold diamond band$199
P60-61450-110k GoldN/A10k 3.1g 10 k gold ring$89
P60-61268-114k White GoldN/A14k ring 5.5g 14k ring with three crircle diamonds$699
P60-60682-110k ring 2.4g 10k black hills gold ring(scrap)$0.99
P60-60356-1GOLD BAND 1.7g 14k white gold band with 24point princess cut diamond$229
P60-60292-1DIAMOND RING 3.1g 10k white gold diamond ring with small diamonds$189
P60-60253-202 .999 silver coin$22
P60-60253-201 .999 silver coin$20
P60-60253-2Silver BarsNA .999 silver coin$20
P60-59637-1GOLD BAND 3.8g 14k gold wedding set with diamond$429
P60-59454-3United States TreasuryNACOINS-GOLD 52 coins in a brown wooden box$40
P60-58875-1GOLD BAND 2.4g 14k white gold ring with diamond$399
P60-58750-1GOLD BAND 2.9g 14k white gold ring with diamond$599
P60-58441-214kt ring 2.9g Several diamonds$289
P60-58395-1DIAMOND RING 10.1g Diamond ring$799
P60-56037-1white gold 2.5g White gold neckless$199.99
P60-55583-1013g 3g 10k diamond ring$199
P60-55136-2silver 1.2g .925 silver necklace(scrap)$0.99
P60-55136-1silver 1.2g .925 silver necklace(scrap)$0.99
P60-54915-1Invicta15844WRIST WATCH 0.01g Invicta wrist watch 15844$50
P60-54472-114 kt white gold 5.3g White gold$1250
P60-50245-1black onix braclet 6.6g Black onix SCRAP$0.99
P60-46009-1watch Womens fossil watch in yellow box$30
P60-44781-2watch Relic watch$9.95
P60-40417-110kt GOLD RING 1.8g 10kt 1.8g heart ring with 3 diamonds 8pts$59.95
P44-107150-110kt RING 1.9g Womens, 10k blue stone, eight small diamonds$99
B60-64276-1WEDDING SET 8.5g Wedding ring 14k$699
B60-64275-213 silvrer dimes 34.2g 13 silver dimes$27
B60-64165-1SILVER BAND 4.4g 3 silver rings$5
B60-64151-114k diamond ring 8.8g 14k diamond ring four main stones ~19 19 small stones ~10$700
B60-63941-110k 8.6g 10k scrap gold$0.01
B60-63710-5CitizenGN-4-Swatch 50g Citizen eco-drive men’s watch in watch$50
B60-63499-2russian watch 1g Hanka 17 kamhen watch in box with paperwork$10
B60-63338-1GOLD BAND 9.2g 10k mens gold band$399.99
B60-62605-414k ring 4.4g 14k ring with three stones$599
B60-62302-110k scrap 5.5g 10k scrap gold$21
B60-62223-210k ring 10k gold ring$249
B60-61727-1DIAMOND RING 2.4g 14kt$169
B60-61686-1DIAMOND EARRINGS 1.2g Pair$200
B60-61660-2silver 9.5g 12k/.925 silver necklace$0.99
B60-61351-1black hills gold 1.4g 10k black hills gold earrings and necklace set$59
B60-61216-1GOLD NECKLACE 2.2g Cross neckless$27
B60-61176-114k Scrapgold chain 3.8g 14k broken chain scrap gold(scrap)$0.99
B60-60923-114k 2.1g 14k gold necklace in case(scrap)$0.99
B60-60868-214k GoldN/Amens ring 4.6g Mens 14k wedding band$249
B60-60752-1misc gold 1.6g Gold heart necklace piece$27
B60-60592-114k GoldN/Aring 2g 14k gold ring$99
B60-60386-101.999 1 troy oz silver coins$20
B60-60225-1DIAMOND RING 5.5g 14 k gold ring 5.5$299
B60-59884-1GOLD BAND 1.8g 10k gold ring with opal stone$59
B60-59765-1WEDDING SET 5.6g 14k white gold wedding set with diamonds$699
B60-59754-114k GoldN/AdiAMONDring 14k diamond ring$229
B60-59486-10110k size 10 mens band$129
B60-59473-2watch Silver$10
B60-59473-1watch 10k gold plated$10
B60-59427-2coins 4g 3 misc coins$12
B60-57322-114kt wedding ring 2.7g 14k gold wedding set with round diamond on top$189
B60-56582-114 kt gold wedding ring 4.3g Wedding ring$199
B60-56434-10110k white gold diamond wedding ring 3.9g$499
B60-55896-2scrap 0.08g 14k scrap$0.99
B60-55896-1scrap 1.1g 10k scrap$0.99
B60-55349-214k GoldGOLDDIAMOND RING 1.9g 14k white gold diamond ring with three small diamonds(scrap)$0.99
B60-40738-114kt wedding RING 4.8g 14kt 3 marquis diamonds 1@~20 2@~10 8@~3 small round diamonds$329.95
B60-30703-1watch Eddie bauer watch$19.95

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